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NATA 2018 Important News:

The most important thing for NATA 2018 Aspirants, As per NATA Guidelines Architecture Colleges  cannot take NATA coaching and should not collect NATA coaching Fees if it is Architecture College. If found so Student/Parent can directly complaint against college in written or via mail or via phone Number to. “So for better and excellent Coaching of NATA come and join in the Exclusive NATA coaching Centre I-Arch ”


2 YEAR COMPLETE COURSE For NATA/JEE PAPER 2 Exam Along With Study Materials & Sketch Materials – Starting From June/July/August 2018 till 2020 for the students who have completed 10th standard in 2018 and pursuing 11th standard now. This program will offer luxurious time for NATA/ JEE (B.Arch) preparation.

This course is suitable for all students aiming to preparing for NATA/JEE PAPER 2 exam have completed 10thStandard in May 2018 and pursuing 11th standard now. I-Arch announces special 2 YEAR COMPLETE Course for NATA/JEE PAPER 2 with combinations of projector classroom contact sessions, home study materials, with combinations of projector classroom contact sessions, home study & complete sketch materials, individual username password for practicing online mock, FREE android app for practicing online mock  test with answers & reviews, free Outdoor Sketching and Free Visit to Architecture colleges visit. Expert and qualified Faculty/Advertisers are Professors from various renowned Architecture Colleges of India, most of them having in the field of Architecture teaching. Important questions/ NATA/JEE Paper 2 previous year question papers / Original Question Papers of NATA/JEE Paper 2 is also taught in our institute during Classes.

This program will offer luxurious time for NATA/ JEE (B.Arch) preparation. The syllabus is not related to the 12th portions and hence needs time to master the subject to score well in NATA/JEE PAPER 2 exams

 2 year long program Class Schedule       

Batch Name Batch Timings Schedule Aimed at
 2 year long program


12 p.m-4p.m

Batches from

  • June 2018-Dec 2018 (Sundays)
  • April 2019 during vacation-15 days
  • June 2019-Dec 2019(Sundays)
  • 2020 after board exams till the NATA/JEE(B.Arch) exam date
Students who have completed 10th Standard in May 2018 and pursuing 11th standard now

Course Features- Regular Class

  •   Most comprehensive course designed and delivered by architect and art graduates
  •   Well designed course content covering all subjects in depth
  •   Regular feedback given on your performance
  •   Home assignments reinforce the concepts and learning.
  •   Course comprises of last year’s papers and sample questions related to NATA/AIEEE(B.arch) & JEE PAPER 2(B.ARCH).
  •   Difficulties are discussed in class so that the student becomes absolutely clear.
  •   Career guidance along with entrance exam preparation
  •   24/7 online support via email
  •   Practice with a NATA online mock test (Providing individual username & Password for practicing online mock test with answers & reviews)

“Let Start your earlier carrier as an Architect in I-Arch by availing the Weekend Classes scheduled to commence on Every JUNE.”

NATA/JEE Paper 2  Course Details

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