B.Arch Entrance Coaching in Chennai

The best B.Arch Entrance Coaching centre is in Chennai. I-Arch, South India’s No:1 B.Arch Entrance Coaching Centre with branches in several places in Chennai.I-Arch consists of smart classrooms and facilities. Students can get NATA Coaching from a professional team of experts who handle all the 4 subjects of NATA thoroughly. Performing in all the 4 subjects of NATA is important to get Top score in NATA Entrance exam. B.Arch Entrance Coaching centre in Chennai has separate expert staff members & experienced architects to coach you on all the 4 subjects. Most of the other Entrance Coaching centres deal only with Architecture related subjects. This is one of the prime reasons to choose I-Arch.

B.Arch Entrance syllabus have additional Architecture subjects for NATA entrance exams. Architecture subjects are completely new to the school students. So they require Entrance Coaching to get Top Scores. B.Arch Entrance exam NATA has 4 papers – General Aptitude, Architectural Aptitude, Mathematics & Drawing. Equal importance has to be given to all the 4 papers to top score in NATA. I-Arch results every year has B.Arch Entrance Toppers with Top Scores in all the 4 subjects.That is the kind of coaching imparted @ I-arch. Taking a close look at the NATA scores of 2018, I-Arch students have secured the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5thranks in Tamil Nadu with a top score of 70/80 in Drawing &100/120 in Aptitude.These results stand a testimony to the quality of coaching and the dedication of the team. B.Arch Entrance Coaching Centre I-Arch offers absolute training in NATA subjects.

I-Arch students are exclusively given the Online Mock test & Mobile app for them to get well versed with the answering techniques online. They gain confidence to complete NATA exam without any ambiguities. The staff members of B.Arch Entrance Coaching centre take their time out to give individual attention to all the students.Architectural Drawing is completely taught with all the perspectives & techniques. The students master the art of drawing and hence find it easy to complete the NATA Drawing paper on time.

I-Arch sows the seed towards a wonderful future with Architecture. Learn the basics of Architecture from the best B.Arch Entrance Coaching centre and march successfully towards a promising future. The B.Arch Entrance Coaching Centre I-Arch in Chennai has branches at various places in Chennai with many batches in different time schedules.You can walk in to our centre or call us to know more details. NATA 2019 is scheduled very soon after the Board exams. Take an ingenious decision of joining the I-Arch, B.Arch Entrance Coaching centre in Chennai now to have the luxury of time to learn well and also practice well.

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