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NATA 2018 Important News:

The most important thing for NATA 2018 Aspirants, As per NATA Guidelines Architecture Colleges  cannot take NATA coaching and should not collect NATA coaching Fees if it is Architecture College. If found so Student/Parent can directly complaint against college in written or via mail or via phone Number to. “So for better and excellent Coaching of NATA come and join in the Exclusive NATA coaching Centre I-Arch ”

Nata Coaching Centres In Chennai Tnagar

Nata Coaching Centres In Chennai Tnagar

I-Arch Nata Coaching Centres in Chennai T-Nagar team has eminent Artists, Professional Architects, Maths Scholars and adept HR managers to boost the drawing skills & aptitude skills of the students. I-Arch offers comprehensive classroom coaching for NATA/JEE PAPER 2 with combinations of projector classroom contact sessions, home study materials, individual username password for practicing online mock test with answers & reviews, free Outdoor Sketching and Free Visit to Architecture colleges.
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