Nata Coaching in OMR

Are you a +2 student residing in OMR?

Then the news is for you!! India’s No:1 Nata Coaching Centre I-Arch is in OMR.

Many of the students dream to become an Architect. But are all of them are not successful in achieving their dreams. This is because they are not aware of the preparations they have to do to join B.Arch. The students have to clear NATA to join B.Arch. NATA has 4 subjects- General Aptitude, Architectural Aptitude, Maths and Architectural Drawing. Unless you carefully prepare for NATA, it is difficult to attend the examinations and clear it with top scores.

I-Arch has established a first in class NATA Coaching centre in OMR to help the students in that area. Students need not travel to other areas in search of NATA Coaching centres. I-Arch NATA Coaching centre is professionally maintained with experts to handle every subject of NATA in detail. I-Arch students have achieved 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5thranks in Tamil Nadu. Their excellent drawing skills have given them a top score of 70/80 in Drawing. The adroit coaching has earned 100/120 in Aptitude. This result is definitely a testimony to the quality of coaching @ I-arch.

I-Arch has skilled staff members to coach the students in and out of NATA syllabus. I-Arch NATA Coaching has launched a mobile app for the students. They can log in to this mobile app for practicing NATA. Extensive coaching is given to excel in NATA with Top Scores.Architectural Drawing is a fresh subject for the students out of school. Professional drawing techniques and ideas to draw perspectives are done and students have a chance for practice. The Outdoor sketching helps the students to view and draw building/ scenery etc with the suitable colours.

I-Arch provides exceptional NATA coaching to the students. Join I-Arch and you can be rest assured to perform well in NATA. Students are given proper guidance and hence are able to attend the NATA papers with conviction.

I-Arch NATA Coaching Centre has produced outstanding results with complete satisfaction of the parents and students since inception. Approach the NATA Coaching in OMR to get an idea of the batch timings and to see in which batch you can fit yourself into. To outshine in the NATA 2019, join I-Arch- NATA Coaching centre. To get the top scores in NATA, start learning from now.Ameliorate your analytical skills and drawing skills with the aid of I-Arch NATA Coaching centres and be certain to be victorious.

The technology has made the classrooms, the ambience and the facilities to be first in class. Doubtless to say, we live up to your expectations.

Limited seats available for Nata Coaching in OMR.

Call us for more details and reserve your seats now!!