Nata Jee Paper 2 Coaching Centres in Chennai

I-Arch is an Exclusive NATA Coaching Centre. Architecture is a promising field and students have started selecting Architecture ( B.Arch) as their career owing to the immense opportunities in Architecture that are readily available for them to work as well as to pursue higher studies. To enter into Architecture or B. Arch, students have to clear the NATA- National Aptitude Test in Architecture. NATA is a unique entrance examination testing the aptitude and the drawing skills of the students. Clearing NATA and Scoring high marks in NATA only makes them eligible for admission into B.Arch. The NATA examination has a syllabus which demands Architectural Drawing abilities and the Logical reasoning skills . These topics are not covered in the +2 syllabus and students have to prepare these topics to clear NATA. I-Arch is an exclusive NATA Coaching Centre with branches in Coimbatore, Trichy & Chennai.

I-Arch is a professional coaching centre with Professors in Architecture to aptly coach the students and professional artists to boost their drawing skills. The methodologies used in I- Arch are unique and the students are given 10+ usernames & passwords for appearing in the online mock tests. Online mock tests give the students a correct perspective of their preparation levels. The staff members diligently analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the respective students to boost their weak areas so as to appear for NATA with utmost confidence and to secure excellent scores. The students of I-arch topped NATA 2014 and 2015. I- Arch has 500+ students qualifying for NATA in 2015 with most of them placed in Top Architectural Colleges.