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About Lucky Draw

As the name suggests you will win if luck is in your side. The names of the contestants who are participating in this competition are polled in and a name is selected at random. This contestant  is the winner.

I Arch is conducting a Lucky Draw competition and contributes up to Rs.1 lakh towards the first year tuition fee in Architectural college for this Lucky draw winner with some terms and conditions.

How to participate LUCKYDRAW ?”

How & why to participate??

  • Luck favours the brave. You will win if luck favours you. In today’s scenario, an amount of 1 lakh will be very useful.
  • To participate in this Lucky draw just fill in the Lucky draw form and submit.
  • When you fill the form you will get a voucher in your registered wts up number . You can save the voucher and make the voucher an instagram story and tag I Arch NATA in instagram.
  • Follow I Arch NATA in Instagram.
  • Lucky Draw starts on April 14th, 2022 and will extend upto Aug 31st,2022.

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Terms & Conditions to Participate

How & why to participate??

  • Should be a student of I Arch Coaching class( Online/ offline) at least for 1 attempt of NATA.
  • Qualifying in NATA is mandatory. If you join I Arch you will definitely qualify
  • Join B.Arch in one of the Architectural Colleges in India.

If you participate in the lucky draw satisfying all the above conditions and win you will receive upto Rs. 1 lakh for your first year college fee.


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NATA 2020 & 2021 Achievements

  • 1st Mark in India
    for NATA
  • Highest Mark Ever
  • Pass In online
  • Students Qualified in the Past 9 Years

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