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NATA 2018 Important News:

The most important thing for NATA 2018 Aspirants, As per NATA Guidelines Architecture Colleges  cannot take NATA coaching and should not collect NATA coaching Fees if it is Architecture College. If found so Student/Parent can directly complaint against college in written or via mail or via phone Number to. “So for better and excellent Coaching of NATA come and join in the Exclusive NATA coaching Centre I-Arch ”


Architectural Drawing Class ( NATA qualifiers and Student Pursuing Architecture enhance your Architectural Drawing skills at I- Arch): I-Arch Proudly presents Additional Architectural Drawing Classes for NATA Qualifiers and students who pursuing Architecture. It Mainly deals with portions like Perspective (1, 2, 3 point), Human Anatomy, Anthropometry, Light Shade Shadow, Imaginary Drawings, Paintings ( Water, Oil, Acrylic, Poster colour), Shapes Craft, Brush Handling, Clay Modeling ,Special Psychometric Analysis Class. Batches to commence on After NATA Exam/Weekends/ Week days / Semester Holidays

Additional Architectural Drawing Classes

Architectural Drawing classes for NATA qualifiers and Student Pursuing Architecture.

We at I-Arch are striving to create awareness about the field of Architecture which is a promising field in today’s scenario, With the extensive training from I-Arch you have qualified in the NATA exams. Now as the next milestone, I- Arch has planned for Additional Architectural Drawing Classes for 15 days with a detailed coaching on architectural art. This will help the students outshine in their curriculum. We request the students not to miss this golden opportunity.

Why to take up this 15 days course?

  • Architecture is the art and science of designing building and non building structures.
  • Pursuing this course makes you a master of drawing.
  • Before you start designing, it is very important to know and understand the tools and the art
  • This course will be covering various forms of art in detail

How is this 15 days course different from NATA?

  • NATA coaching had basic knowledge on the architectural science. It was a beginner’s course to understand art
  • But this course will give a detailed and professional coaching on handling the tools and drawing.
  • This will help you to outshine among the other students and master all forms of art.

Architectural Specialties Covered

  • Perspective ( 1,2,3 point)
  • Human Anatomy
  • Anthropometry
  • Light Shade Shadow
  • Imaginary Drawings
  • Paintings ( Water, Oil, Acrylic, Poster colour)
  • Shapes Craft.
  • Brush Handling
  • Clay Modeling
  • Special Psychometric Analysis Class

Batches to commence on After NATA Exam/Weekends/ Week days / Semester Holidays

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